Leak Detection

We inspect properties to identify leaks on a daily basis. We employ cutting edge technology which includes thermal imaging, moisture meters, surface temperature meters, borescopes and more. All these tools help us pinpoint the source of water, whether it’s a pipe, foundation crack leading to seepage or condensation build-up. Our techniques prevent extraction of building

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Damage caused by water can be truly overwhelming, undesirably affecting people’s lives and property. Your initial response, however, is very important because it helps to reduce and prevent further damage. Immediately the water begins to recede, the task of water damage restoration starts right away. The removal of water and the restoration of properties like walls, floors, carpets and furniture are required one to be extremely careful. Our goal is to be the premier water damage restoration service company. Don’t hesitate to contact us. If you need any other home service you can contact our partners, Handy Kith, a New York based handyman company.

While it may feel stressful to handle your needs, talking to a water restoration specialist should always be your first move.

We are a leader in the water damage restoration industry. We successful deal with all types of water damage.

From water damage restoration to the full drying of the structure, we pride ourselves in handling all cleanup types. At our company, we acknowledge how important your property is to you. We are a full and complete restoration service. Therefore, the moment we come in, we also handle pack out services and storage. This is important to protect your precious valuables while we complete the important remediation process.

We are an insurance approved dealer, and we work with the all the main insurance companies in the local area. If required, we handle all communications with insurance companies and invoice your insurance company directly. This is necessary so that you don’t have to stress yourself with the whole process. The leader of our team will be on hand to guide you and lay out the plans that are to be set up. We always exploit all the available options and then agree with the best alternative and subsequently the course of action.