Water Damage from Burst Pipes

In the winter months, temperatures fluctuate all over the place. This causes a grave threat to property and home owners. Pipes regularly burst due to this fluctuating temperatures. When the water freezes, it expands and puts pressure on the inside of the tube. Eventually, over time, this can cause the pipe to burst and cause significant damage within your establishment.

The overpopulation in most areas makes this problem to become common too. The amount of cost caused by burst pipes can be extensive and expensive.

How to prevent Burst Pipes:

  • Insulate whatever pipes you can
  • Turn off any water sources that are not being used (i.e.,. Unoccupied spaces, garages, outside plumbing lines).
  • Ensure to heat your property to a proper temperature
  • If you are aware of any leaks currently in your property, make sure to get fixed
  • Ensure any outer pipes are dug deep enough into the ground.

What to do if you have a burst pipe:

  • Shut off the water source to prevent any further damage.
  • Pick up your phone and call us!

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