Slab Leak

Many buildings in Fontana use slab-on-grade construction for their original floors. These slabs provide a solid foundation that is perfectly matched for the climate at a low cost. However, they do pose repair problems for any plumbing underneath them.

Whether water supply line, interior hot and cold pipes, or sewer lines, any leaks are concealed under several inches of concrete, plus flooring materials above that.  A water leak can go unnoticed for quite some time. This goes on for quite some time and can even become relatively large, without your even knowing it.

Do not make a mistake assuming it. An unrepaired slab leak will lead to massive damages sooner or later. It may not take a day, week or month but it will ultimately turn out to be an issue.

Moisture from captured water can lead to various types of water damage. Moreover, the little amounts of slowly flowing water can undermine the foundation. This leads to uneven settling and cracks throughout the building’s structure.

How do I know I have a slab leak?

Defining that you do indeed need slab leak repair is often a process of elimination.  The issue can always be noticed if you are keen enough.  You will start off by experiencing an increase in water usage, sudden or gradual, that seems to have no explanation.

That is to say, and you haven’t changed or added any water-using appliances. Or no change of tenants, visitors or new family members, no change in the daily routine. And yet water use is up and there are no apparent leaks at fixtures or connections.

It’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for discoloration and unusual moist areas in your home on the ground. Also, you should also look for hot or cold spots on floors, walls, and ceilings. All these can be an indication of a hidden water leak.  After a while, you may notice mold or odors, or even cracks in the walls or ceiling.

Quick and well-timed diagnosis and repair always reduce the total costs. The more critical the symptoms, the more likely major repair and restoration will be required.

You can also discover if you have a leak by shutting off all water users and monitoring your water meter for a few hours.  However, it’s better to call in a well-trained professional plumber.  They have all the knowledge and expertise to carry out a much more sensitive pressure test. They’ll confirm that there are no leaks at any fixture or exposed plumbing. Also, they will also track down any leaks within walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces.

No More Digging

In the past, a plumber would have to dig under the slab. Moreover, they had to remove drywall to find the position of the troublesome leak. However, new and developed technology now allows us to pinpoint a leak within inches of its source. We may need to move some appliances or furniture to get close to the leak. However, once our ultrasonic detector has located the source, we’ll get to work on fixing the problem. Once the leak is found, we will review the best options for repairing and repiping your plumbing job.

Taking care of plumbing leaks is never fun for anyone. And if left for too long, you could be spending a lot more each month, not to mention the risk of water damage rises. If you’re concerned about leaks in your home, contact us today, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.