Rancho Cucamonga Slab Leak

What is a slab leak?

Plumbing is usually kept out of sight behind the walls and under the floors.

If your home is on a slab foundation, then the plumbing hidden under your floor is found beneath the slab foundation. In case this plumbing leaks, it’s then called a slab leak.

The Causes of a Slab Leak

There are various causes of slab leaks below a concrete slab. However, the most common is clay below your foundation.

Heaving and shifting soils that are found below the slab exert massive amounts of pressure on the concrete. This causes the concrete itself to heave, move, and finally crack.

Different types of soils are always moving due to the shrinking when it is dry and expansion when wet. The underground plumbing is connected to the slab in places. Therefore, when this movement happens, a fitting can begin to loosen, or a crack can form, and this is the genesis of a leak.

Therefore, it is important to deal with a slab leak early before it causes more damage to your home and costs you much money.

Signs of slab leak

  • You are able to hear the sound of running water when all water is turned off.
  • A spinning water meter, even though no water is running inside or outside your home and there is no obvious source of out-take.
  • Rifts in your walls or flooring
  • Mildew or detectable moisture under carpets or flooring that feels moist or slippery.
  • The smell of sewage could indicate a break in the sewer or a drain line
  • A recent bug problem due to added ground moisture that invites them to your property.
  • Higher-than-average water bills

Finding and confirming a Slab Leak

Smashing your concrete floors is highly discouraged. In case you suspect a slab leak, call a professional. Get in touch with Fontana Water Damage Services, and we will be there to help you.