Slab Leak


Many buildings in Fontana use slab-on-grade construction for their original floors. water damage restoration rialtoThese slabs provide a solid foundation that is perfectly matched for the climate at a low cost. However, they do pose repair problems for any plumbing underneath them.

Whether water supply line, interior hot and cold pipes, or sewer lines, any leaks are concealed under several inches of concrete, plus flooring materials above that.  A water leak can go unnoticed for quite some time. This goes on for quite some time and can even become relatively large, without your even knowing it.

Do not make a mistake assuming it. An unrepaired slab leak will lead to massive damages sooner or later. It may not take a day, week or month but it will ultimately turn out to be an issue.

Moisture from captured water can lead to various types of water damage. Moreover, the little amounts of slowly flowing water can undermine the foundation. This leads to uneven settling and cracks throughout the building’s structure.

How do I know I have a slab leak?

Defining that you do indeed need slab leak repair is often a process of elimination.  Montclair CA slab leakThe issue can always be noticed if you are keen enough.  You will start off by experiencing an increase in water usage, sudden or gradual, that seems to have no explanation.

That is to say, and you haven’t changed or added any water-using appliances. Or no change of tenants, visitors or new family members, no change in the daily routine. And yet water use is up and there are no apparent leaks at fixtures or connections.


It’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for discoloration and unusual moist areas in your home on the ground. Also, you should also look for hot or cold spots on floors, walls, and ceilings. All these can be an indication of a hidden water leak.  After a while, you may notice mold or odors, or even cracks in the walls or ceiling.

Quick and well-timed diagnosis and repair always reduce the total costs. The more critical the symptoms, the more likely major repair and restoration will be required.

You can also discover if you have a leak by shutting off all water users and monitoring your water meter for a few hours.  However, it’s better to call in a well-trained professional plumber.  They have all the knowledge and expertise to carry out a much more sensitive pressure test. fontana ca water damage restorationThey’ll confirm that there are no leaks at any fixture or exposed plumbing. Also, they will also track down any leaks within walls, ceilings, and crawl spaces.

No More Digging

In the past, a plumber would have to dig under the slab. Moreover, they had to remove drywall to find the position of the troublesome leak. However, new and developed technology now allows us to pinpoint a leak within inches of its source. We may need to move some appliances or furniture to get close to the leak. However, once our ultrasonic detector has located the source, we’ll get to work on fixing the problem. Once the leak is found, we will review the best options for repairing and repiping your plumbing job.

Taking care of plumbing leaks is never fun for anyone. And if left for too long, you could be spending a lot more each month, not to mention the risk of water damage rises. If you’re concerned about leaks in your home, contact us today, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.


Getting the Exact Location

Once you know that you have a slab leak, it’s important to determine precisely where it’s located.  Repair often involves removing flooring materials. It is then accompanied by chipping a relatively large hole through the concrete slab.

It can be costly just getting to the leak. Moreover, the process of restoring the floor will cost even more expenses.  In addition, all that work is going to stall your home life or business operations. However, with modern technology, there’s simply no excuse for making one hole after another in attempts to locate the problem.

Fontana Water Damage Services employs leak detection specialists.  Besides a skilled eye developed through years of experience, we are ready with the latest and best equipment for finding and localizing leaks. contents restoration fontana

In fact, we have a number of technologies to draw from. This includes very sensitive electronic moisture and humidity meters.  Finding an under-slab leak is much the same as finding a small underground leak. Therefore, we may also employ electronic gear based on the electromagnetic detection.

Acoustic detection and location pressurize the pipe with an inert gas, and your plumber then investigates for the hiss of escaping gas using exceptional microphones.  Digital thermal imaging cameras that employ infrared light enable us to see temperature variations of a tiny fraction of one degree.  This lets us instantly scan an area, and then zero in on anything that looks suspicious.

What Kind of Damage Can a Slab Leak Cause?

Many homeowners are scared of the mold when it comes to basement moisture, and for a good reason. A moldy basement can pose a severe health risk to everyone in your household. Aside from that, serious water damage to your floors and walls.

Moreover, damaged electrical circuits and lighting, rotted wood and wet earth are all possible consequences of a slab leak. The fact that it can carry on for so long means the damage can be quite severe, and that a quick call for help when you notice a sign is imperative.

Slab Repair Options

Subject to the nature of the leak, on the building’s plumbing, and on the building itself, you’ll have one or more options for slab leak repair.  Our skilled experts will take the time to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each in an easily understood way. We also provide up-front pricing.  It is simpler to make an informed decision that way before you continue.

Spot Repair

If the problem is readily available and the building’s plumbing is otherwise in good condition, a spot repair may be the most cost-effective solution for a slab leak.

As mentioned above, we will break through the floor slab and fix the place that’s leaking.  Since the renovation will soon be under concrete again, it’s essential to replace that section of pipe with the absolute best in materials and quality rather than making any patch.

Rerouting and Repiping

In other circumstances, such as when the under-slab pipes are old or in poor condition, it’s ideal to discontinue the existing line and install new pipes that route outside the slab foundation and then back inside the building.

Pipe Lining

When the query is a small “pinhole” leak, and there is a possibility of more in the future, pipelining can be a cost-effective and permanent solution.  Here a cure-in-place epoxy, similar to that used in high-quality plastic pipes, is used to coat the insides of the pipes under the floor slab.


24-hour Emergency Service

In the case of a crisis, you should never wait for the next day. You should contact us anytime of the day. We will dispatch a team to come and help you out with your emergency service. You should always be ready to receive a response of urgency day or night and during holidays too.

Some slab leaks may require urgent repair. If left unattended to, they may be a health hazard to you and your family. They may contact your water, and this can lead to complications. That is why we are always here on standby. Call us today and schedule and appointment.

Highly Trained Slab Leak Specialists

We are water damage specialist. We have exceptional training and expertise, not to mention a tremendous amount of hands-on experience.  We use this training and experience to quickly solve the slab leak problem in your home and restore it back to pre-water damage condition. Our process includes documentation of process to validate that the issue is resolved completely.

We carefully single-handedly select the best plumbing technicians for our company. These professionals are extremely qualified and share the same standards that we value our business. We make sure the job gets done right the first time. We promise the best overall experience for our clients. For all your plumbing needs be sure to pick the right company and team!

We value our clients, and there is no way we will expose them to people who are not qualified. Keeping the quality and standard is essential to us.

Locally Owned and Operated

We are proud to be an active member of this community. We stay here and no well the water-related issue that are affecting people here. We are locally controlled and operated, therefore; we are already nearby and ready to help the residents and business owners with any-sized lab leak damage emergencies.

More About Slab Leaks

You may be wondering how specialists handle leaks that happen down inside stone or concrete, and how they even know exactly where to look to find them.

The first thing that slab leak repair specialists do is use the special listening equipment. These are usually small discs that operate similarly to stethoscopes. These are used to find the sound of water escaping through the stone. If they need to narrow down the search area further, they can use pressure scanners or send video camera equipment on a long fiber-optic line down into the plumbing system to pinpoint the exact leak location.

Once they have done this, and they know the location and the magnitude of the leak. This helps the plumbers to know how best to address the problem. The most obvious method is to use a jackhammer excavate the area above the pipe and then seal it.

Nonetheless, for smaller leaks, the plumbers can seldom use non-intrusive methods to fix the problem. If leaks are detected soon enough, plumbers will ordinarily be able to repair the problem with minimum excavating.

Keep a close look-out for signs of slab leaks so you can call for plumbing help as soon as possible: high water bills, dampness in the basement, cracks developing along across concrete, unexplained water pools, the growth of mold and mildew. If any of these symbols show up, you may have a slave leak, and you should call for assistance from our professional plumbers as soon as possible.

We have assisted homeowners with slab leaks and other types of slab leaks. You can trust to our skill and professionalism to get the job you need to be done fast and right.

Quality in everything to us, and we live by it!

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Do not let slab leaks ruin the foundation of your home, take action today! Call our water damage and restoration company, and we will deal with your slab leak promptly!

At times slab leaks are not readily recognized until there has been some degree of water damage. Hence, it is important to take action as soon as you notice any of the signs. When you call, we will send a licensed specialist to take care of the problem right away.

The technician will come into your home and assess the situation using state of the art equipment and advice on the next cause of action. After the problem has been confirmed, the rehabilitation process will begin without any delay. The repair will take the least time possible so that you can go back to your normal activities of life as soon as possible without the worry of a slab leak.