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Sewer backup – Cleanup and Disinfection

Sewage backup has to be considered to be the most severe water damage issue. It is both a health hazard and an eyesore sight to come across.

The more you allow for the contamination process to persist, the greater the potential for bacteria to develop and grow. It leads to illnesses that are very dangerous to your health.

Moreover, sewage backup flow can cause a significant loss to your structure or property by introducing dangerous and harmful organisms into the structure.

A rapid response is required for sewage backup to limit the cleanup costs and health complications. If the sewage is not cleaned properly by disinfecting and sanitizing the property correctly, the cost of repair will increase drastically.

At Fontana Water Damage Services, we specialize in taking care of sewage backup properly. We are just a call away and will arrive at your location in the shortest period when summoned.

Flood damaged home

Our Team will;

  • Contain the area,
  • Assess the sewage damage,
  • Block off air vents,
  • Separate the contaminated area from the rest of the property,
  • Execute sewage removal or sewage water extraction,
  • Eliminate the strong smell and disinfect with plant based green/eco-friendly products,
  • Air scrubbers will be used to purify the air,
  • Mildew and odor control
  • Drying and dehumidifying equipment will be placed on site to complete the project, and
  • We will finish the job with any structural restoration needed.

State of the art equipment

We are ideally equipped for any sewage issues that might arise in your home. We have in place state of the art thermal imaging cameras. This enables us to fully determine how far and exactly where the sewage penetrated to.

Qualified team

We are determined to take care of all your needs, and therefore we have employed a very skilled team that is always in place and ready to deal with the problems as they come.

We work with certified plumbers. They will arrive with us to make sure we stop the backup. After that, they will enable you to use the other required facilities (washrooms, showers) on the property.

Sewer Clean-up and disinfection

Doing a sewer cleanup will make the surrounding spotless. Water is the only destructive element that can be found indoors. It moves hence can dissolve materials, and it promotes the growth of many microorganisms and many other things.

leak repair fontana

Therefore, water can carry lots of harmful material in it. If you have a backup sewer, then things can get out of control. This can lead the water to come back into your home up through your toilet and sinks. This is harmful and can cause severe health complications.

To avoid this, you need to do a complete sewer cleanup. Even in the case it doesn’t happen right away, you will still need to have a backup sewer clean up, so it is better if you are prepared.

At Fontana Water Damage Services, we have professionals who will cover your whole house. They will make sure that it is correctly and efficiently cleansed from all types of sewer backflow or waste water.

They will make use of the best industrial equipment that is available out there.

We wash all the contaminated surfaces with warm soap water and after we disinfect these areas with bleach. In addition, we use special types of products to bring back your house in a state that is clean and welcoming.

We are an eco-friendly company. Therefore, we employ the use of products that are considered eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to the environment.

Our specialists do not only remove waste and fix the source of the problem, but they will also carry out a very thorough cleaning. In addition, they will disinfect the areas that are very much contaminated.

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