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Home and property owners have a real issue when it comes to water pipe bursts and pin hole leaks.  They are a menace to property owners.

Causes of Pipe bursts and pinhole leaks in pipes

There are many ways that this can occur. One of the most common causes of this is old and worn out pipes. They are worn out, and with time they give in to the pressure. This is a major issue especially in areas whereby the houses are really old and require constant or complete repair.

Pipe bursts are also caused by our overpopulated communities and crowded plumbing systems. This has led to a scenario where burst pipes are becoming a normal day-to-day issue in areas that we stay. The amount of damage caused by water pipe bursts can be extensive and create a significant amount of money to repair the damages.

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Our Team

At Fontana Water Damage Services, we have accumulated experience when it comes to dealing with water damage from burst water pipes and pinhole leaks.

We are dedicated to in water extraction, structural drying, material removal and rebuilding your home back to its original state.

We are usually fast and can be at your location in the shortest period after you initiate contact. Our certified technicians have all the knowledge and training to handle any size and damage. The quicker and easier we get down to work, the less secondary damage will be experienced.


A plumber will be required to fix the damaged pipes. We have some workers on standby and ready to come in and assist and fix all the issues with water pipe bursts and pin hole leaks.

Use of Advanced Technology

Technology is ever changing, and new gadgets are always coming up. We have not been left behind and therefore employ the use of highly efficient technological plumbing equipment. With our advanced technology, we can see damages that are not easily perceived by the human eye.

We use humidity and moisture readings, thermal imaging guns, water extraction, drying equipment, and much more to ensure that all the available damages are looked after.

If the broken pipes and pin hole are left uncleaned or repaired in time, mold will start to grow. This causes more damage and will contribute to health effects to those around.

At Fontana Water Damage Services, we are specialists, properly trained and certified to ensure that your loved ones are safe from any harm.

How to prevent burst pipes

Insulate whatever pipes you can

It is often that pipes run through walls, the floor, and the ceiling. It is hard to know if they are adequately insulated or not.

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The ideal scenario here is to bring in an insulation company who can check the walls and ceilings to know if there is proper insulation. We do this using an infrared camera. This camera can also check out the attic space to ensure that there is ideal insulation.

Turn off any water source that is not in use

Shut down the water pipes that are not being used. This includes empty spaces, garages, and exterior plumbing lines.

Drain all the water from the lines, if it is possible and turn off the water taps. In other instances, you might be away on vacation. It is advisable to disable the water or else have someone come in and check it to ensure no damage has occurred.

Heat your property at a right temperature

Ensure to heat your property to a proper temperature. This will help the lines from freezing.

Fix all the leaks

In case you know of any leaks in your home, take care of them or have them fixed. The weakens area is an ideal space for a burst pipe to happen.

Pipe depth

It is important to ensure that outer pipes are dug deep enough into the ground. The ground usually freezes from the top going down. You have to ensure they are deep enough to avoid the freezing.

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What do you do when you have a burst pipe or a pin hole leak?

  1. Shut off the water source to prevent further damages from taking place.
  2. Pick up your phone and call Fontana Water Damage services!