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Leak Detection

Your property is a valuable asset, and therefore it should be treated with the utmost regard, care, and maintenance. That is why Fontana Water Damage Services is your ideal partner in leak detection.

We have created a range of leak detection services that reduce the risk and mitigate against the damage by providing accurate, non-destructive detection. These are efficient methods, and they take over where the traditional method used to be destructive and caused failure.

Fontana Water Damage Services inspects properties to identify leaks on a daily basis. We use cutting edge technology in our line of work to bring out the best and serve you effectively and efficiently.

Employ the latest technology

We use thermal imaging, moisture meters, surface temperatures meters, borescopes and much more other equipment that suit the task at hand.

All these tools help us to pinpoint the actual source of water, whether it is a pipe, crack in the foundation leading to seepage or condensation build-up.

Our methods prevent the removal of building materials when possible. This, in turn, saves hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

pinhole pipe leaks

Fast and efficient

The faster the leak is identified, the better is it both for us. Delay in sorting this mess out leads to further issues such as the growth of mold, drywall, wood, etc.

It takes a mixture of expert experience and quality equipment to find hidden leaks. With our extensive training programs and state of the art equipment, we save homeowner all over a lot of capital and liters of water.

By using our methods, not only do we save water but homeowners millions of dollars in costly property damage and destruction as well.

While it is true that leaks are common in older properties, newer properties can have issues too. Poor construction and corrosion and in numerous cases, movement of the ground can cause unexpected pipe damage at any time.

If it is not found, the problem threatens property and makes repairs more costly.

Our Pledge

Arrive when scheduled

We are prompt in what we do, and as soon as you get in contact, we will set up a time and date to start on your project. We arrive on time and start the project as soon as possible and after extensive examination.

We also finish the project in the shortest period and efficiently too. We are a business too, and we know any delay is not good and might have consequences. Therefore, we will get you back up and be running without any much inconveniences.

Respect you and your property

We have utmost respect for you and your property. We, therefore, take all the necessary precaution when working on your property.

We will honor our terms of the agreement and don’t go back on our promises. We minimize damages that are associated with the work that we do.

We also use eco-friendly equipment and products while working on your property.

slab leak

Clean before leaving premises

We are a clean company. This is shown by our ability to clean after and before we leave the work site. In our efforts to work on your property, we might leave some areas slightly moved. When we finish working, we do a complete sweep and repairs areas that might be damaged.

We also clean up and leave the area sparkling clean!

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