Fontana Water Damage Restoration

Water damage blemishing your property is not only unsightly, and odorous, it’s also an unsafe environment.

This type of damage occurs when liquid finds its way through cracks and crevices in your foundation, causing further cracking and breakage, permeating the surface and continuously wreaking havoc on its environment until it is properly dried and repaired. At Rancho Cucamonga Remodeling Services, we understand the urgency associated with property water damage, and we are your one stop shop for all of your restorative needs.

Our certified technicians will assess and localize the damages, while restoring your property to its former glory. Whether your water damage is caused by flooding or your sewage is backed up, our experts know exactly how to handle your situation and do so in the most efficient manner possible. We ensure that our clients are informed of every step during this process to maintain peace of mind and complete satisfaction. If you have water damage restoration needs in Fontana and the surrounding communities give us a call today!

When disaster strikes or the unexpected happens, the last thing you should have to worry about is making sure your home or business is put back in living and working order.

Water Damage or destruction turns life upside-down. With the wrong water and flood Restoration Company, it can also lead to additional stress when communication is poor or contractors cut corners.

Our water damage restoration understands that attending to the smallest details makes the biggest difference when it comes to putting your home, work and life back together. We listen. We understand. And when we restore a home or business, we treat it as if it were our own.

We will work with your insurance company. We’ll communicate with you as often as possible to make sure you’re fully informed. We’ll provide outstanding craftsmanship. And we won’t cut corners.

When the last thing you want to feel is the stress of putting it all back together, the first call you should make is to us. Because it’s not just a building. It’s your life.

Water Damage Specialists

Our Water Restoration Experts specializes in water damage repair of residential and commercial properties. Water damage can occur from any type of water source. Most of the water damage situations we address are those caused by interior water supply lines.

When a plumbing fixture fails or when an accident such as letting a tub overflow happens water can spread quickly creating a perfect environment for excessive mold growth. This is where a company like us comes in.

Timely Response to Water Damage

Time is of the essence when water damage is present in a building. This is why response time is the first step to mitigating a water loss. Our Water Restoration Experts can help ease the stress caused by water damage by responding to your need within one hour or less of your first phone call (for emergencies only).

Upon arrival, a safety assessment will be conducted to determine the presence of potential safety hazards before any work begins. Following this assessment, the next step to mitigating a water loss is with proper water extraction. Properly extracting water from and off of flooring materials is the key to a fast and effective drying process. While water is extracted, contents will also be secured for further evaluation. The last step is to speed dry the salvageable structural materials affected by the water.