Fontana Slab Leak


The caring staff at Fontana Water Damage Services understands the inconvenience a slab leak can be to homeowners, that’s why we are here ready to step in and get the job tackled quickly and efficiently, with as little disruption to your daily lives as possible.

This is an issue that requires the services of licensed professionals. Our skilled team has the knowledge and know-how to get things back in working order in compliance with the local codes of the Fontana area.

slab leak

Detecting a plumbing problem in its beginning stages is imperative. Unexplained wet spots, increased water usage, mold or mildew and cracks in your slab are all signs you should be aware of. We will start by investigating the cause of the leak and extent of the damage, then come up with the best plan of action that addresses your needs while adhering to your budget. Our clients can count on us to work with them closely and keep them updated on each step of your project. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having slab problems, give us a call, we are the premier Fontana slab leak specialists.