Contents Restoration

Dealing with the aftermath of a flood or a fire is difficult for many reasons. If you find yourself in a situation whereby you are cleaning up after it has occurred, it might be both mentally and psychically exhausting. You are looking at what may be left of your home from the fire damage, and this can be overwhelming!

That’s where we come in place! We are your number one partner in restoring all the valuables that can be salvaged without or minimal damage.

When a flood or a fire tragedy occurs, it hits more than just your home or building.  Many things are affected in the house. From furniture, clothes, rugs, electronics and other items. They are all mostly exposed to fire or smoke and water damage. In the restoration process, they require to be cleaned.  Other items simply need to be stored while the cleanup and construction process ensure.

What is content restoration?

Contents recovery applies to many types of items that may become damaged after a disaster. Contents recovery services are just as important in the rebuilding phase. This process includes everything housed within the four walls of the property.

Our contents restoration teams know how valuable items are to our clients and our professionals know how to handle the process diligently.

We have successfully recovered contents for many property types. These includes private residences, schools, hotels, hospitals, financial institutions, retailer stores, grocery stores, clothing entities, industrial warehouses, and much more.

Why is it so important?

Home damage recovery services can be equally vital in the long run. More so when it comes to correctly inventorying and salvaging sentimental belongings that might be recovered.

Our contents restoration teams offer you and your insurance representative with many sensible and essential, cost-effective options as possible.

Our home damage restoration systems are customized to meet our client’s preferences when handling their prized possessions.