Colton Slab Leak

At Fontana Water Damage Services, our slab leak repair services are conducted by highly-experienced and knowledgeable individuals who are very familiar and compliant with OSHA standards in and around Colton.

We utilize methods of either tunneling or slab penetration depending on the severity and location of your leakage. Our experts will begin by surveying the damage to diagnose extent and obtaining work permits appropriate for zones in the Colton area. The process that we follow ensures total client satisfaction due to limiting extent of work based on only what is necessary and thoroughly quality-testing the site.

Once the work order has been completed, we clean the site to restore it to the condition previous to your slab leak, and this is followed by a secondary verification of repair completion. Our Colton slab leak clients are updated throughout each step of the process so that they are always aware of the level of completion and determined timeline.