Bloomington Slab Leak


The professionals at Fontana Water Damage Services understand how disruptive a slab leak can be to our clients’ lives, that is why we will be here from start to finish to alleviate your problem in the most effective manner possible.

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Any water leak in your home can quickly become a serious plumbing issue.

slab leak

A slab leak can be one of the most challenging of all leaks, but our friendly technicians are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the industry. We have the cutting-edge tools necessary to detect your leak and its cause promptly, saving precious time and money. The technicians will decide which option is most suitable for the leak; whether it be re-piping, rerouting of the pipes or relining the pipes.

There are a few reasons why a slab leak might occur, including corrosion and natural settling of the home. Homeowners should be aware of signs such as wet areas, mold or mildew growth, a spike in your water bill or cracks in the slab. Early detection is key to keeping repairs to a minimum. If you suspect there is an issue with your slab, call the Bloomington slab leak experts today!