About Us


Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Our professionals understand how devastating any form of damage can be to you as well as your home. That is why we provide quality service. We use very excellent tools and equipment so as to provide you with the best water damage and cleaning services you require.

Repairing Your Life

With water damage, it may seem your home can no longer offer you the safety and comfort on which you depend. We provide safe, rapid and efficient water damage services. This is important to our mission because it helps to bring you back to a comfortable state and bring your floors and carpets back to usable condition

Our services include emergency water damage services, water damage repair, mold inspections & removal, smoke and fire damage restoration, disaster recovery, and other services such as construction, renovation, and demolition projects.

We mainly focus on exceeding expectations. Identifying our clients’ needs is an essential part of how we run our company. Our services can at providing you, your family and co-workers with have an environment and high air quality.

We are diverse and offer a broad range of services from residential to commercial establishments with the best eco-friendly solutions and standards.

Why Choose Us?


We never go out of our own guidelines that ensure that our clients are safe and secure. We do not take on a venture or perform a service that we cannot execute 100%. Our responsibility is to follow our promises and be clear with all our customers and suppliers.

Constant Progress:

At our company, the continual learning, training of our team and the research into new and developing technologies ensures that we remain at the cutting edge of our business. This is not only beneficial to our clients but also to the company because it helps us to stay on our toes and stay ahead of other competitors.


Our company is committed to performing the most professional services. We follow the procedures and standards endorsed by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration). There is no job too big or too small. We appreciate each opportunity to grow our business. We also take great pride in cultivating healthy and ongoing relations with our clients.

Our portfolio of clients includes residential customers, Insurers, Loss Adjusters, Commercial Property Managers, Real Estate Agents, Owners Corporations as well as Builders. We are always on standby and able to respond 24/7 to any storm, flood or fire damage you have experienced.

Information Flow

Keeping you informed is a duty we emphasize.  Our comprehensive experience teaches us that restoration of mold, water, sewage, floods, fire, Smoke or reconstruction on your property is something not to be taken lightly. We understand that. As our client, whether a homeowner, property manager, insurance broker, etc., you will get our tailor made updates each and every day. We will let you know about:

  • The present state.
  • The cause of the problem.
  • Suggested solutions.
  • The work necessary.
  • Project timeline

Our objective is to keep you informed throughout the entire process.

Quick Response

Some cases require quick solutions. Therefore, due to their urgency in some situations, it is very vital that restoration teams arrive on site as soon as possible. Our company responds on site to any emergency within in less than 50 Minutes from the initial call. We are prepared 24/7 for any emergency damage. We are indebted to do our best to avert secondary damage.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our company uses sophisticated tools to make sure we get the job done quickly and more efficiently. Our tools offer superior moisture and water extraction and we will also help prevent further moisture damage and ensure the risks for the onset of mold growth are eliminated.

Highly Trained Professionals

We have highly qualified professionals fully proficient in the proper use of our high-tech equipment. They know the significance of your home and the importance of getting your family home safe and sound as soon as possible.

Clean and Fresh

We also offer washing services for all your carpet cleaning needs from wet cleaning to dry cleaning. You can depend on us to redecorate your home, and we can also assist with moisture damage, eliminate mold and help prevent additional growth. If your home has experienced water damage, call us today. Our friendly team will get to work to bring your family back where they belong.


We are what you need, when and where you need us. Restoration work can be finished either at the contaminated site with the use of our free disaster recovery team. It is also possible for the infected items can also be transported off-site to one of our many restoration centers.

Flood Damage

The wreckage caused by floods bring to your home what may seem like untold misery. At times this can be too devastating, to ever believe your home being safe and dry again. We will take the time to bring your home back to normal so you can get back home and continue with your life without any worry.

Fontana Water Damage Services LogoHonest Advice

Our qualified employees will also be confident to advise you if they feel your carpets are no longer safe. This is just in case they feel that it was exposed to contaminated water.

Dedicated Disaster Recovery Team

Our team of dedicated professionals is always on standby to provide a rapid initial response to any major incident. The team is helped by a fleet of purpose-built vehicles to allow the setting up of a temporary site presence and support services. This includes mobile restoration and back-office facilities. We are always ready to serve you. Just pick up that call, and we will be right at your doorstep.

No matter what situation water destruction and flooding has left your home in, contact us immediately. We will be right to offer advice and take care of the damages as soon as possible. Our primary goal is to get your home move in ready as quickly as possible.

You can be certain that when you are in need of water damage or flood damage services, our specialists will be there to help. You will not be in a state to face any more challenges, and we will be prepared to start yours.